OHSAS 18001

Lameter S.r.l. has always focused on protection of the health and safety of all the people in its plant and is convinced of the need for constant commitment in this area, applying better and better operating systems for the prevention of accidents, claims, incidents and occupational illness.

Lameter S.r.l. is aware that safety represents an essential, critical aspect of every person’s way of working, and is therefore an unconditional commitment of individuals and of the organisation as a whole.

Lameter S.r.l. not only meets its obligations under the law but is committed to adoption of principles, standards and solutions guaranteeing the utmost safety for all personnel.

Lameter S.r.l. has set itself the following goals:


  • minimising health and safety risks for all personnel accessing the plant, preparing operating methods and management and supervision procedures and guaranteeing an increasingly effective organisational set-up by continuing to invest in renewal of its plants and equipment and giving preference to investment in equipment featuring the latest safety technologies;
  • constantly improving its performance in the area of occupational health and safety and the corresponding management methods, developing programmes, goals and targets for achieving ongoing improvement;
  • promoting awareness among employees of safe behaviour in relation to the safety rules and compliance with the company’s rules and procedures for prevention of accidents, claims, incidents and occupational illness;
  • maintaining the conditions required to protect individual and collective safety through compliance with the requirements of the law on the basis of specialised experience in the area accumulated over years in business;
  • providing employees and consultants with information and education concerning the specific risks involved in the activities performed;
  • getting contractors’ personnel involved and ensuring that they cooperate in achievement of health and safety targets;
  • preparing instructions for correct implementation of planned activities and checking that they are duly implemented.


In order to achieve these goals, Lameter S.r.l has developed a safety management system in accordance with standard OHSAS 18001 and annual improvement plans; the Company’s health and safety policy will be periodically reviewed in order to achieve on-going improvement of the level of occupational health and safety. For this purpose, the Employer has decided to take on the role of Head of the Safety Management System, assisted in the task by Ms. Alice Poletti.

The Company’s management and all employees are responsible – in accordance with their positions and powers – for implementing this Health and Safety Policy and behaving in a way which conforms to its principles: for this purpose, they agree to work in a safe way at all times so as not to cause injury to themselves or others.

Lameter S.r.l. agrees to promote awareness of its Health and Safety Policy among its employees, suppliers and contractors and provide the human, technical and financial resources required to implement it.



The Employer


(Dr. Giulio Riccardi)