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How we work

    Our technical department is equipped with the latest FEM design and calculation systems, necessary to create robust and long-lasting products, which have an adequate weight for the power and payload capacity of the processed material, guaranteeing the best performance of the machine. . Thanks to the use of these new technologies and the use of 3D scanners, we are able to acquire the dimensions of the equipment, ensuring maximum accuracy and thus optimizing the connection with the machine.
    The special steels used arrive in sheets directly from the steel mills. The latter are cut using a fully certified production process (ISO 9001), which does not alter the physical / chemical characteristics of the material. The subsequent assembly and welding phases are carried out by qualified personnel. Finally, after quality and finishing checks, our equipment is finished with eco-friendly water-based paints in the color requested by the customer.
    The strategic position of Genoa, one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean Sea, ensures short delivery times and low transport costs.
    Thanks to our work setting, we can produce our equipment in about 4 weeks from the order. Fast and reliable times to ensure rapid machine operation.
    The strength of Lameter is the after-sales service. We provide assistance for the entire life of the equipment with the possibility of both on-site visits and interventions and with calls to the company for revamping and extraordinary maintenance. Our specialized staff is in constant dialogue with the customer and the user of the machine.

Quality Steel

Our equipment has always been designed entirely with certified wear-resistant (HB 400-450-500) and high yield strength steels (STE690).

We rely exclusively on the most important European steel mills, with which we are in constant contact to be always updated on new technological solutions.


Tailor made solutions

Each LAMETER product is individually designed to meet the customer’s needs, choosing the best technical solutions.

Over forty years of experience, the most modern design systems, a young but highly experienced organization, a certified quality and environmental control system, the use of the best steels and constant assistance.
All this makes Lameter an important reality in the production of special equipment for rock, excavation and handling.

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