LAMETER has been certified by DNV-GL as an internationally operating company: ISO 9002 certified since 1997, getting ISO 9001 in 2003,  ISO 14001 in 2000 and OHSAS 18001 in 2017.

The OHSAS 18001 certificate is no. 210919-2016-AHSO-ITA-RvA.

The ISO 9001 certificate is no. 66959-2009-AQ-ITA-SINCERT.

The ISO 14001 certificate is no. CERT-124-2000-AE-GEN-SINCERT.

Thanks to our quality control procedures, we can ensure the compliance of our equipment over time and provide industrial products manufactured in accordance with standardized procedures and made of certified traceable materials. The certification in environmental management is a proof of our commitment to the environment, both at the manufacturing and sales stages. Our products are designed and made to be environmentally friendly.


The previously described policy is put practice by:

ensuring that our products are suitable for use;

improving the production system;

continuously increasing quality and productivity;

protecting the environment and providing safety conditions for our staff;

implementing a problem-solving approach focused on prevention;

developing a highly-trained and motivated staff ;

fostering responsibility and awareness, fundamental values such as honesty, truth and environmental consciousness;

  • establishing long-term relationships with suppliers ;
  • considering greatly customer satisfaction;
  • complying with all the applicable national and regional standards and safety( such compliance is considered as the requirement and not as a final goal);
  • performing a preventive analysis to determine any possible environmental impact prior to introducing new machines, plants, processes and products in order to prevent any form of pollution and by carrying out a specific risk assessment for personnel inside/outside the organization;

We carry out our policy procedures by establishing objectives, programs, goals and regular monitoring their status and adequacy. All this is done to ensure continuous improvement and to support planning and implementation of specific actions to deal with situations involving environmental risk at emergencies.