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Lameter produces kits of Adjustable forks used for handling and lifting pallets of all sizes and weights.

Every single kit of forks is manufactured using special high strength and wear resistant steels, tailor-made according to customers’ needs
and they can be designed with either direct fit or any brand of quick coupling available on the market.

Forks come in various sizes, capacities and designed in High Visibility version.


Cranked forks are mainly used in construction and agricultural industries with the aim of increasing visibility.

A characteristic feature of these forks is the angled shape of the fork shank, providing an unobstructed view of the fork tips. This results in significant efficiency and safety benefits.

Cranked forks are available in various dimensions and types of suspensions.


Pallet Forks are made of the best high strength steels to guarantee the necessary toughness, hardness, workability and the resistance to severe long-term stress.

Pallet fork is manufactured as a one-piece item following Lameter specifications, and has a UNI ISO 2330:2006-certified capacity.

Pallet forks are available in various dimensions and types of suspensions.



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